Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Make them stop!

 photo d27039ff-dd4c-4622-974d-d52496a35589_zps969c64a4.jpg

Here is another "classic" movie from SyFy that I can't wait to not watch…Lavalantula.

A defenseless Los Angeles under attack by a swarm of — wait for it — giant lava-breathing tarantulas that roast their quarry alive! Adding to the mayhem is a reunion of three key cast members from the Police Academy canon: Steve Guttenberg — starring as a washed-up ’90s action hero who must save us — Leslie Easterbrook and Michael Winslow. Can they save the City of Angels from the eight-legged volcano spawn?? Nia Peeples co-stars in the movie, which has begun production for a summer 2015 premiere.

Giant Tarantulas and Steve Guttenberg and Nia Peeples?

In one movie?!!

If they had added Carrot Top, I'd know that it was absolutely the End of Days.


Dean said...

At least it's not a remake. You have to give them points for a somewhat original thought. :)

Vampire Hours said...

Yes…but, I'd prefer they leave spiders alone on every level. I do not enjoy them, Sam I Am.