Monday, October 8, 2018

Classic Pop

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A couple of new trailers were released over the weekend with some blasts from the past. First, the new Aquaman trailer revealed, not only more action and a longer look at the film, but a glimpse of Jason Momoa donning the original costume...

I know that trailers can be deceiving, but they are really doing a good job of balancing action, visuals, and fun.

Me likey and I'll be there when it opens on December 21st.

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Star Trek: Discovery also released a trailer for their upcoming second season and it revealed a lot of new surprises, including a first look at Spock...

I still refuse to pay for CBS All Access (it's cheaper to buy the DVDs each season, which I recently did for Season One), but I look forward to watching this new season next year when the DVD is available.

Until then, everyone else can watch it when it premieres on January 17th.

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