Friday, August 14, 2009

The Jr. Department

Look who's on his high horse...

vh1 has a new dating reality show starting this Sunday, but this time, they've chosen a "regular" guy who obviously couldn't find a woman without their help. It's called "My Antonio" and I think the description pretty much explains itself.

Exiting the surf dripping wet, Antonio Sabato Jr. will introduce himself to each hopeful with a simple greeting and a kiss of their trembling hand. The story unfolds in a season long narrative arc akin to a nighttime soap opera -- complete with shocking plot twists and turns.

From an overzealous matriarch (Antonio's momma, Yvonne) who cannot let go of her son, to a mysterious lover from Antonio's past who thrusts herself back into the competition to win back his heart, My Antonio will feel like "Dallas" or "Dynasty" -- except that it's real life. Antonio Sabato Jr. puts everything on the line to find his ultimate love.

It's refreshing to see that we are finally getting a "real life" show like "Dallas" and "Dynasty", complete with twists, turns and everyday gals who are just hoping to find true love with an everyday guy over the course of a couple of weeks in front of tens of viewers.

I'm surprised no one has thought of that before.

And speaking of the gals, here's how this colorful team of hopefuls are described...

These stunning and sophisticated beauties will gather by special invitation to compete for Antonio's heart.

These gals really do look sophisticated in their lowcut shirts, lined up like cattle behind a man who, I'm certain, will definitely end up finding the true love of his life based on the fifteen minutes of quality screentime that he gets to spend with each of them over the course of a couple of weeks.

We've all been there, haven't we?

The show is so relateable and real...I can't imagine that it won't be a hit. It looks like vh1 is really stepping up to create shows that focus on inner-beauty over just a hot body and killer smile. Like this other reality show that is also running on their network...

How did I miss this show about Mr. To?

And the ad is so right...I don't even know him. However, from his introspective pose, I feel complelled to record this show too and find out more.

Who knows, you might even enjoy Mr. To too.


Roland said...

Awesome. I saw the preview while I was doing cardio at the gym. Fortunately the sounds was down.

Also, I have seen a few "unofficial" pictures from beach filming while he was on "The Bold and the Beautiful." From what I saw, those abs are not always as pronounced as in the airbrushed promotion shots. I'm not saying he's isn't pretty, but some things are as exaggerated as the picture that implies a pineapple is necessary to cover the goods.

Besides don't we know how this plays out? He'll "date" the winner for 3-6 months then they'll go their separate ways. That is if People magazine cares enough to follow the drama. All seems like an elaborate way to keep the gay rumors at bay.

Vampire Hours said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. I still might have to watch it, but I certainly won't enjoy it.

Well...not much, anyway. =)