Thursday, August 6, 2009

Puttin' grandpa down

Rachel Maddow did a very good segment on how "average Americans" are being riled up against health care reform by corporations choosing to spread fear, lies and misinformation in order to protect their businesses that profit from our current health care mess.

As irritated as I get with the "kooks" I see on the news spewing their misinformed views in outrage, there is a part of me that just feels sorry for them and, ultimately, us.

Based on the information that they believe to be true (because they don't feel the need to research the facts), they have every right to be angry and should be protesting the wrongs that they perceive are being forced upon them.

However, because the corporate PR machines are manipulating them with the wrong information, they end up looking like uneducated ass-hats in front of millions of people and adding fuel to the unstable mental fires of others who teeter dangerously close to the edge of reason.

And, more often than not, many of these kooks aren't stupid people.

They're just frustrated people who, unfortunately, were mislead by a few "concerned citizens" pretending to care about them (which they don't) who, in fact, really just want to take advantage of their fragile emotional state for their own financial agendas.

Life is already challenging enough for the average American.

Manipulating the minds of the weak and desperate for corporate gain is just wrong.

Unfortunately, it's the American way...

That needs to change.

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