Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I was twentysomething when "thirtysomething" first aired on TV and, now that I'm fortysomething, I am so glad that the show has finally come out on DVD.

I seem to gravitate towards ensemble "whiney" dramas (as some critics and the cro-magnon of mind seem to refer to shows that focus on the mundane aspects of life) and this was one of the first that I felt a connection with from a young age.

The writing and directing for the show was top-notch and each of the actors got equal screentime and storylines throughout the seasons, which is rare.

Although these folks seemed to spend a lot of time discussing "regular" stuff that some find boring (childcare, relationships, jobs, lost youth), I found myself relating to how they dealt with it and rooting for them to succeed when things got tough.

But, most of all, I liked that they were a supportive "family" for each other.

Having moved away from home at a young age, I think I recognized how I, like the characters on the show, had also started to form a tight family of friends who, to this day, are still a very signficant part of my life. Over the years, we've struggled with the "regular" stuff too and dealt with it the best that we could and supported each other when things didn't go as planned.

People may not always like to discuss or deal with the real life stuff, but how we manage it determines the quality of life that we end up living into our ninetysomethings (if we're lucky).

I would like to be one of the lucky ones.

The cast of the show got together on Good Morning America yesterday, if you'd like to catch up with them for a few minutes.

All these years later, they each appear to be doing just fine, which gives me an odd sense of relief...

And hope.


monster's mom said...

I haven't heard of this show! It might be because I was in HK at that time... but nonetheless it sounds like Party of Five or Friends.

Very cool. I agree about surrounding oneself with close friends. I still hang out with my high school girlfriends. Who wudda thunk?

Vampire Hours said...

I think you were probably very young when it came out. It's closer to "Brothers and Sisters" and a little like "Party of Five"...but without some of the melodrama.

It's a shame that they don't make many shows like this anymore. People are too conditioned to drama and "reality".

But the real reality is rarely as it's portayed on reality shows.