Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cocktail, Larry?

I think that Louise and Larry Tate would have had these very expressions on their faces if they happened to catch news footage of our past weekend in Palm Springs...mainly because we all noticed that there were a lot of men down there who looked just like Larry.

It was uncanny.

So, we just decided to label it "Tate Pride" weekend and enjoy.

I went down there to meet up with two friends, Mark and Karl (on the right), who were visiting from Boston and staying with my friend Roland (on the left) for Tate Pride this past weekend. Roland sells Tupperware, so he made fun T-shirts for each of us to wear during the parade while we passed out his business cards to folks who expressed interest or even remotely made direct eye contact with any of us.

As you can imagine, the parade was filled with hot chicks and celebrities. The cast of the "Golden Girls" (above) were there, which is always exciting. Although they've eaten a little more cheesecake since the 90's, they still looked festive and seemed to enjoy the cheering crowd.

Paula Deen was tossing out fried chicken legs and handfuls of Mac and Cheese to the hungry folks nearby. She's really got a good arm and managed to catch the eye of many a starving Tate along the way.

The Brady Bunch's dog, Tiger, was also there. Paula Deen's stylist got hold of him before the parade and managed to find just the right shoes, scarf and hat for the occasion.

Dancing Tate in the white hat on the float...

The parade was fun and didn't last too long, which is always nice. The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out with the guys while doing our part to help the city redistribute their excessive alcohol reserves.

So, we were kind of community activists, if you really think about it.

It also happened to be another friend's birthday (Rob, right), so we all went out to celebrate, while still focused on our community service mission.

At the "community center", we met Shay, a marine biologist, who was in charge of fundraising for this particular establishment. His clothes were still drying at the laundromat next door, so he was just hanging out on top of a pool table greeting folks and collecting money, which people seemed to be practically shoving into his....hands.

When he heard it was Rob's birthday, he gave him an especially warm greeting and pulled him right up onto the pool table so that he could relax for a few minutes after such a long day of walking in the hot sun.

Shay happened to notice that someone had accidently dropped some money on Rob's trousers, so being the professional that we was...

He performed a remarkable feat of acrobatic grace and carefully retrieved the funds (so as not to disturb Rob's sleep) and added it to the rest of the till.

Shay really seemed to know how to engage and connect with the crowd and, I'm sure, was able to raise quite a lot of money for his particular foundation.

So between all the Tates, celebrities, Tupperware promotion and community service...a fun time was had by all.

Or as Ed Sullivan used to say...

It was a really big shoe.


gonoles84 said...

Bwahahaha! A Tate Pride! Ken, I think I peed myself! But then you knew I'd get a kick out of it.

Please tell me you screamed, "Hey, Cotton Top!!" at least once. Serena must represent.

Vampire Hours said...

You know how I enjoy making you pee. It's what I live for. Serena definitely represented and also a few Uncle Arthurs.