Friday, November 20, 2009

Twilight: New Moon

I haven't seen much press on the new fitness movie, "Twilight: New Moon", that opens today. So, I felt it was important for me to do my part to help promote this little film with the hope that other studios will be encouraged to make more health-centric movies that actually reflect the challenges that we normal people face each day.

With winter setting in, the filmakers really try to remind us all that it's still very important to get outside and walk a little bit each day to keep the blood flowing and brain stimulated.

Fresh minds, create fresh ideas and there are parts of our bodies that, without visual stimulus, would fail to remain as firm as we'd like them to be.

Re-connecting with nature on a regular basis is also stressed. In this crazy technological world, it's important to remember to take a few minutes each day to appreciate the natural beauty all around us.

If you don't reach out and touch it sometimes, it might not be there later when you need it most.

One of the messages that I've gotten from the trailers for the film is that it's important that we each find ways to step away from the computer or crackberry and just "let our hair down" once in a while. It's easy to get stuck in a rut, so it's good to let loose and just have fun, either with yourself or new friends.

This is especially important for those of you who can't seem to find time during your hectic work day to relax. No matter how busy you are, the director stresses that each of us should take a few minutes to quietly meditate and "be" with yourself.

I try to be with myself at least once a day or more, depending on what I happen to be focused on at the moment.

There is also a great montage in the movie that reminds us that you don't need a personal trainer or large gym chain to stay in shape.

Just a few minutes of bending, twisting, and stretching can be done anywhere and, if you do it right and in a safe environment, the results can be very gratifying and relaxing. Make sure you keep a towel're gonna need it!

Exercise doesn't have to be a solo venture either. It's always more fun when you gather a few like-minded people and do it together.

Sweating, pumping and letting loose with a friend or strangers can have some very beneficial socialization results as well. Spending intimate time with others is really the mental lubricant that keeps people bonded and connected in this world.

I really do hope that the studio marketing department is able to figure out some way to visually get people into the theater to see "Twilight: New Moon".

It's not like they have Tyler Perry and Oprah producing or Jim Carrey to go out on the talkshow circuit to pull people in. They just have these regular kids trying offer health advice to the masses. It's not easy...

Thankfully, the studio marketing department has produced some very helpful merchandising to promote their film. Because, as we all know, kids always like to have something to play with once they get home and back into their private spaces. I think their "Portable Personal Trainer" has some real potential.

With its attention to detail and life-like moveable should really help men and women, of all ages, get back in touch with their true selves and remind them that being healthy is not just a lifestyle...but a way of life.

I plan to see this movie very soon and I hope that you all will too.

It feels good to help.


Rob Meyers said...

Shamless! Those lycans really don't like shirts, do they?

Vampire Hours said...

I think that their shirts are at the laundry, so they're just hanging out until they are pressed and ready for a night out.

Sissy said...

hmmm...i met this kid last year(ish - may be a little longer) and he definitely didn't look like this!

Vampire Hours said...

Well, I wish you had stayed in touch with him so that we all could have visted and played cards together.

You know how much I enjoy cards....