Tuesday, November 3, 2009

They're here...

The new "V" series premieres tonight...very exciting.

I watched the cheesy original series off and on when it first aired back in the day. I've always liked Sci-Fi and any show with aliens usually got my attention.

Of course, how could you not watch a show with that much big hair and eye makeup?!

I mean, if aliens were to come visit earth a few decades back, they'd certainly want to be noticed. Plus, you get the added bonus of their unique ability to dislodge their jaws so that they could eat....rats.

Snacks, anyone?

Thankfully, they gave the new alien leader a short, sassy haircut and hip clothes.

We'll see how delicately she eats rodents soon enough, I'm sure.

Here is the trailer for the new series that starts airing TONIGHT.


Roland said...

So happy. I love the new Diana...er...Anna. She's cool and eerie. Much more subtle than Jane Badler's mugging and pouting. I caught some of the original on SciFi (whoops SyFy) this weekend. Yikes. I'm glad they revealed the reptile secret early. I hope the writers have a definite plan, and not just a revolt a week.

Vampire Hours said...

Yeah, I agree. Although, I thought it was odd that they reveal the lizard guy and don't take his body to show the world. The series would be over in two episodes.

I suppose that is the reason why they didn't take the body...

But, I like the effects and actors, so will keep watching.