Monday, November 30, 2009

Lady DeGeneres

The always visually-subtle Lady Gaga was on "Ellen" Friday. You'd think, from the wild costumes and makeup, that she'd be this loud, weird rocker-chick...but she's not. She's surprisingly soft-spoken, sincere, and childlike when she speaks.

I enjoy her.

I also enjoy the song "Speechless", which she sang at the end of the show (and also on the AMA's).

For those of you who enjoy the Lady...her new CD, "Fame Monster" is really good too.

I give it two enthusiastic glittery thumbs up!


Brad said...

I've tried to ignore her. OH! how I've tried. But in the last few weeks I've been getting sucked in. I listened to her music and found I actually like it. I was poo-pooing it as some empty calorie nonsense for the youngsters. I guess I'm gonna have to pony up and buy the damned thing.

Vampire Hours said...

Trust me, I was the same way. Last year, someone was saying "Oh, you have to check out Lady Gaga". I thought it was just some cheesey drag performer.

Then, this past year I heard her sing and watched her perform and now I'm hooked. I especially like the fact that she has a great voice and actually sings in every performance. That is rare these days.

The new CD is playing non-stop in my car now...