Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Little Piggies


I have a feeling that products like "Bacon Baby" just "might" be contributing a bit to some of the recent concerns about child obesity. Of course, it sounds healthy...

Introducing Bacon Baby, an infant formula with the complex bacon fats and nutrients that babies need for optimal brain development and wellness. 

If that info is true, why not just recommend that mothers buy actual sows to nurse their children?  It would seem to be a much more efficient way to get your baby those "complex bacon fats and nutrients" that they need.


Of course, once your giant child gets a bit older, they can waddle on over to KFC for their new health-conscious "Double Down" sandwich.

The bun-free ("so meaty, there's no room") sandwich features two pieces of bacon, two slices of melted cheese and "Colonel's Sauce" - which KFC officials said is a "zesty mayonnaise" -- slathered between two chicken filets, either original recipe (540 calories and 32 fat grams per or the slightly slimmer grilled version (460 calories and 23 fat grams).

It does sound grossly satisfying as a snack after a long night of drinking.

I wonder if the Double Down combo comes with a set of heart paddles?


Brad said...

The bacon guys are a local company here in Seattle - their bacon salt & baconaisse (bacon mayo) is really, really good. Really.

You'll come see me in ICU, right?

Anonymous said...

Bacon Baby contribute to childhood obesity? Now whyever would you say that? :)
Haha, I adore this post. And I don't think I'd eat "The Double Down" even after a night of drinking. Unless it came with a defibulator of course. :)

Vampire Hours said...

I would certainly visit you in the ICU, Brad. And I might even bring you a Double Down if you're hungry.

Alexy...I say try one after drinking and then we'll compare notes and heart rates (if we have one). =)