Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Snack Pecs


Seems that Billy Gunnz, a Mister Softee vendor on the streets of New York, has decided to try to increase his business by serving scoops with his shirt off...

Billy typically parks on 39th and Broadway during the day, and is a total sweetheart. Rumor has it he’s investigating doing some special toppings on his truck in the coming weeks. You can follow him and his ice cream truck on twitter@mistersofteenyc.

Perhaps he and another NYC favorite, the Naked Cowboy, should go into business together.


I do hope they keep some flannel undies nearby...

It can get pretty nippley...I mean, NIPPY there in the winter.


Brad said...

Naked Cowboy doesn't seemed to have aged in like 10 years. Must be all that clean living.

Mr. Softee is NOT who mother meant when she said don't take goodies from strangers. I'm sure of it.

Vampire Hours said...

Yeah...our Mom's never had THOSE kinds of strangers offering them snacks. If they did, I'm sure the advice would have been much different. =)