Thursday, August 5, 2010

A haunting we will go


My dear friend Maggie moved back east to Tennessee last year and I miss her terribly (you might remember her from my visit to historic Jonesborough and Abingdon, VA.).

But, she's found her happy place there and, for whatever reason, doesn't seem to miss the traffic and chaos of Los Angeles one bit. So, I'm very happy for her.

While there, she has become an integral part of a group called the Haunt Masters Club. Here is a bit of info on them:

The Haunt Masters Club is a not-for-profit paranormal research and investigative group that formed in 2003 and services northeast Tennessee, southwest Virginia and western North Carolina. Our investigations are conducted with professionalism, discretion, and thorough analysis. We also maintain a rigid privacy policy and your information will never be shared with outside individuals.

Maggie and another member of her team, John, were interviewed recently on their local news show, Daytime Tri-Cities, about what they do and how they handle the variety of unusual cases that come their way. They're kinda like the Scooby Gang of Ghostbusters. I'll let them explain it...

The Daytime Tri-Cities setting and the host remind me a lot of the fictitious Pawnee Today local news show on Parks and Recreation.


Now that's spooky!

The only thing scarier would be Paul Lynde doing the weather...


Sissy said...

You can't possibly miss me as much as I miss you, my dear. Consequently I'm sending an armada of spirits to "convince" you to move closer.

Vampire Hours said...

An Armada of Spirits...I hope they include many "spirits" from the Belvedere Vodka line.

Absolute and Sky are fine spirits too.

I'm not picky.