Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gwyneth does Glee


Gwyneth Paltrow makes her first, of several, guest-star appearances on Glee tonight, playing substitute teacher, Holly Holliday. It's probably a very smart move (like her performance on the CMAs) to help promote her upcoming movie, Country Strong, where she plays a country singer.

Here is one of her songs from Glee.

The girl can carry a tune.

If any of you missed Darren Criss (who just signed on for the rest of the season) singing the Katy Perry "Teenage Dream" song to Kurt last week on Glee, here it is.

I'm really excited that Darren is joining the cast full time.


He has very nice...vocal cords.


Joel said...

Lose the uniform Darren! Let's see what your six-packin'!

Vampire Hours said...

Hopefully he won't ever be replaced like they did with the Darren on "Bewitched". That would just be wrong.