Thursday, November 18, 2010

No shoes, No shirt


I looks like Entertainment Weekly didn't have much of a wardrobe budget for their photo shoot with Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway who are obviously willing to do anything to promote their new movie, Love and Other Drugs.

And since nudity and discussions about sex never sell magazines, they wisely decided to release three different versions of the cover hoping the star's facial expressions might attract a wide range of ovulating consumers.

This one for happy couples.


This one for serious couples.


This one for couples suffering from erectile dysfunction.


EW really has their finger on the....pulse of the public.

via: Towleroad


Dean said...

Not to be outdone, People Magazine published "25 Sexy Chests to Be Thankful For",,20315920_20322453_20868545,00.html

Ken, somehow they missed your entry from your birthday posting.

Vampire Hours said...

LOL...well, I'm sure they considered me, but then John Goodman entered the race and there was no way I could beat him. =)