Monday, November 15, 2010

Hands-on Therapy

If you didn't get the chance to catch up on the last two parts of Web Therapy, with Meryl Streep, here they are. At the end of the first episode, it sounded like Fiona was about to lose her husband to Camilla (if you missed the first part, scroll down four entries or just click here to watch it).

However, as you'll soon see, Fiona figures out a way to use her husband's "issue" to her advantage in a very creative way to keep her marriage together.

Fiona is crafty.


Roland said...

Whoops. I watched those backwards. I scrolled down too far and...well I'm not sure what happened. But, I watched the last episode and missed the middle. I guess if I were a patient of Camilla, I might have to work on a different type of issue.

Vampire Hours said...

LOL...yes, you have some issues. The first episode is posted four down (or you can click on the link I provided)....then the second issue is at the top of this posting...followed below it by the last episode.

Guess who's not getting a gold star for "Follows Directions Well" on his report card?

Travvisty said...

"I'm sorry you are hurling yourself into victimhood" HaHa! Classic.. I loved these.. Thanks for posting them.. had no idea they were even made!

Vampire Hours said...

I know...they are all so funny. Watch some of the other ones. The Julia-Louis Dreyfus one is really funny too.