Friday, April 15, 2011

The journey begins...again


Peter Jackson started filming the new Hobbit movies a couple weeks ago and, as part of his journey, has decided to shoot video blogs along the way to document the process of making the new two-part movie. He posted his first one, documenting the first day of shooting, on his Facebook page yesterday and, if you enjoyed the Lord of the Rings movies, you're gonna love this!


You get to see some very detailed shots/tours of the sets, costumes, props, new actors rehearsing (Ian McKellan, Gandalf, is also there), and much more. All of the actors above are returning (well, Orlando Bloom hasn't been "officially" announced, but the rumor-mill has all but confirmed it) as well as Hugo Weaving as the leader of the Elves. So there should be a lot of really cool stuff to see as things progress over the next couple of years.

I highly recommend enlarging the video to full screen when watching.

This is crazy exciting!

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