Friday, October 14, 2011

She's still hot!


Betty White has done everything now, I think...

This Golden Girl proves why she’s still hot at 89. In this rap video, a duet with British singer Luciana, White drops beats, shimmies, and boasts about her, er, cherry cheesecake, all to benefit The Lifeline Program and the Los Angeles Zoo. A woman who raps, bakes, and raises money for causes she believes in? Now that is hot.

She actually does a pretty good job there nothing she can't do?

Once she cures cancer and learns to fly, I think she should take a few days off and just relax.


Debbie O said...

We read her autobiography in my book club & I was amazed at how much she has done. I don't think she's capable of relaxing.

Vampire Hours said...

I know. She's always worked and, when she's not, she's attending charity events. I get tired just thinking about being that busy.