Thursday, January 19, 2012

Berry Interesting


It looks like we'll finally get to meet Rachel's two dads...

Tony-winning Broadway star Brian Stokes Mitchell and "Law & Order: Criminal Intent's" Jeff Goldblum will portray Hiram and LeRoy Berry, the couple who adopted and raised Lea Michele's character Rachel.

We won't have to wait long to see them in action, either - the Berry dads will make their first appearance in the February 14 episode of "Glee," and they're expected to sing.

That should be a very interesting episode. Speaking of which...


Those hats were hilarious!

I watched this week's new episode where Will finally proposes to Emma and, for the first time in a very long time, really enjoyed the entire episode. The characters weren't dramatic caricatures this week...they actually seemed like real people with real life conversations, emotions, heart, and truth.

My only beef with this episode was the randomness of Coach Beiste's off-screen elopement with Cooter. I would have liked to have seen an entire episode dedicated to her winning him back from Sue. Oh well, there was plenty of other stuff to enjoy on the show for sure.

Sue was finally allowed to interact in a normal way with everyone and provided some of the best moments in the episode, especially the storyline involving Becky's crush on Artie.


I think this description sums it up best...

Special mentions needs to be made of Lauren Potter, who plays Becky, and Academy Award-winner Helen Mirren for her internal monologue. Both actresses turned in great performances that elevated the episode significantly. The concept, from its introduction to the very end of the episode, worked on every level and reminded us of the perfect balance "Glee" can strike between tragedy and comedy.

Her storyline and "Sometimes it sucks being me. Today is one of those times." monologue at the end of the episode was very touching and heartfelt.

Let's hope that, whatever the studio did differently with this episode, they keep doing it.

Time will tell, but it gives me hope.

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