Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Betty!


Betty White turns 90 today and I still can't believe how good she looks and how much energy she continues to have.

Nothing put that more into perspective than watching her NBC special last night (which was very enjoyable) and seeing how badly poor Mary Tyler Moore looked (she's only 75, but suffering from diabetes-related illnesses) and Carol Burnett (she's 78, but suffering from too many plastic surgeries. She should have gone to whoever worked on Valerie Harper).

I love all of them, but for whatever reason, Betty really appears to be doing the best out of the bunch by a longshot.

Hey waiter, I'll have whatever Betty's having...it is obviously working very well.


Anonymous said...

Valerie Harper, That's for sure, she looks amazing!!! I'm especially disappointed that Vicky Lawrence didn't say much... DAMN, how about a MAMA skit... or just some funny words, but I guess in reality, Mama as brilliant as she was... didn't do go further as Betty did.

Vampire Hours said...

At least Vicki looked normal and got to do the silly Password game show skit. I do miss "Mamas Family" (more the skits than the series). Valerie definitely went to the right tune-up masters to get her face work done.