Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Don Jon trailer

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt has written/directed a new movie that is coming out soon and early the buzz on it has been really good.

Here is the trailer...

 photo 707889d6-eb57-420f-82f2-472146936346_zps2a15d454.jpg

It looks like Joseph might have spent just a "little" time in the gym as well since his 3rd Rock From The Sun days.

The trailer looks very entertaining, in a My Cousin Vinny-esque way. Plus, when was the last time Tony Danza was in a movie?

 photo 1939c6a5-bdd7-41bb-b083-00e88263af7e_zps7d4702bb.jpg

He's aged pretty well since his early days driving a Taxi.

 photo 676853b4-bf25-45d8-ba72-7d9c1ff4c0f9_zps3ead44a4.jpg

I wonder if the readers of Teen Beat would agree?

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