Friday, May 31, 2013

There wolf.

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Joe Manganiello (the werewolf from True Blood) is gracing the cover of Men's Health UK this month.

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In the interview, he talks about how he feels better now than he did when he was a kid.

"I'm not 18 anymore," Manganiello admitted. "But you won't hear me saying that, because me at 36 would destroy me as a teenager. In my mid-30s I'm making bigger gains than I've ever made in my life."

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Manganiello also dished about starring alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in the upcoming thriller "Ten." 

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"We had a photo shoot for the movie poster. I was wearing a sleeveless top, crossing my arms and flexing," Manganiello explained. 

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"Arnold came in and said 'I see you're flexing your biceps. Don't do that. Keep it loose and [with crossed arms] put the other hand back to push [the muscle forward] - you'll get an extra three inches." 

"you'll get an extra three inches."

Ughhhh....too many possible snarky responses for that one.

I won't touch that.

And neither should Joe...

Season 6 of True Blood premieres on Sunday June 16th on HBO.

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