Wednesday, May 1, 2013

This is only a test

io9 featured a few videos of test footage done for a variety of popular TV shows and movies that could have turned out very different than what we have today.

For instance...Lyle Waggoner (the Carol Burnett Show and Wonder Woman) came very close to being the original Batman on TV...

He didn't do a bad job, but it is interesting how much he looked like Adam West once he put on the cowl.

And, thankfully, Lyle went on to play Steve Trevor in a MUCH better version of Wonder Woman than this test pilot for a possible Wonder Woman TV series that was being proposed to potentially air around the same time as the original Batman TV series in the 60's...

OMG....that was horrible. Besides the awful baggy pantaloons she was wearing, what was with the odd mirror flirting and the awkward "flying off the roof" scene at the end?

And, thankfully, Tom Selleck and Sean Young didn't end up as the leads in Raiders of the Lost Ark....

It would have been a very different movie indeed.

You can see a few other screen test options for a Star Trek: Phase 2 TV series (with a new vulcan set to replace Leonard Nimoy), Superman Lives (an odd version once set to star Nicolas Cage as Superman with a Tron-like suit),  Matthew Fox auditioning for the character of "Sawyer", before he was actually cast as Jack on Lost, and many other interesting videos here.

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