Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Time after time

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There were a couple of interesting new trailers posted today that involve time (past/present/future) that I thought were worth featuring.

The first is About Time, from the director of Love, Actually (one of my favorite movies).

Looks like it could be a fun romantic comedy. something that Rachel McAdams seems to have specialized in over the past few years.

 photo 00e1e142-b12c-4b15-b2ca-edece74ed4a9_zps1bfa8d58.jpg

Then, there is a live-action/animated movie called The Congress where Robin Wright plays an actress named, ironically, Robin Wright who gives up her virtual identity...forever.

It looks interesting and I usually enjoy Robin Wright in just about anything. Plus, this movie looks like it...well, uh...

 photo c4ba0f8e-1606-43de-a271-10b79cd14d33_zps5c7fc0ef.jpg

I don't really have any idea what this movie is about...even after watching the trailer.

So, there.

Might have to add it to the ever-growing OnDemand queue that is my life.

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