Monday, July 13, 2015

Comic-Con Surprises

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Comic Con 2015 just ended and, with it, came the release of a few unexpected movie promotions. First off...the first full length Batman v Superman trailer, with our first look at Wonder Woman.

It looks pretty awesome and it was great to see Wonder Woman in action.

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I couldn't be more there opening weekend (March 25, 2016).

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Then the Star Wars team released a behind-the-scenes overview on the making of The Force Awakens, emphasizing the use of practical sets and creatures (rather than all CGI)...

It was very cool to see so many of the original cast members and locations after so many years. If this sneak peek is any indication, the movie could be amazing.

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Then, after a bad pirated version was released last night online, the studio behind The Suicide Squad decided to just release a clean copy today.

I don't know much about this comic book series, but I do know that Jared Leto's creepy Joker and Ben Affleck's Batman are also in that should be interesting and worth checking out.

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