Thursday, August 27, 2015

Game changer

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After years of development and false starts, production finally begins Monday on the hugely popular video game-to-movie Assassin's Creed. The studio released the first look at Michael Fassbender today in costume as the lead, Callum Lynch.

Here's a bit about the movie...

The game series features an evil company called Abstergo, which created Animus. It’s technology that allows people to relive the “genetic history” of their ancestors. As you’d expect, they don’t use the tech for the best reasons but the Assassin’s Order does. They use it to train modern assassin’s through the genes of great assassins of the past. 

Fassbender’s Lynch finds out he’s the descendant of Aguilar, a deadly 15th-Century Spanish assassin. And through the Animus, he learns the skills to fight the evil company in modern times.

The reason for Fassbender to play a new character is that the game’s creators at Ubisoft have developed such a rich history over the course of the franchise, this movie doesn’t want to mess with that or just retell a story fans have played before. This is set in the same world, but it’s a wholly new adventure.

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It looks like they've captured the look of his character pretty well, based on the pic from the game. It'll be interesting to see how the true gamers end up feeling about the film once its completed.

For the rest of us, we just want it to look good, move fast, and not bore us to tears.

The film is scheduled to be released December 21, 2016.

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