Friday, August 14, 2015

EW Awakens

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Entertainment Weekly's latest cover story gets lots of new scoop on the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens as well as some new photos...

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 photo 3b6e4dfb-34cc-497f-819f-2d72403d8b16_zpsdzysxx2r.jpg

 photo 0d980281-90a5-4635-90ad-2526e3a2554d_zpstkshtiy7.jpg

 photo c1d01e03-880d-415b-b8de-cdf540256a32_zpshkv3d5hr.jpg

And Game of Thrones knight, Gwendoline Christie, looks like she's she's playing a new villain, Captain Phasma..

 photo 0a6853fc-0f41-419b-b2e7-44e4d4ba128e_zpskn7nkdoh.jpg

 photo 35828266-3d50-4842-ba9b-00d791a545c1_zpsf7wma3eb.jpg


The movie opens on December 18th.

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