Tuesday, August 18, 2015

What hump?

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The first trailers for Victor Frankenstein were released today and it's interesting to see how the two dramatically differ in tone...

Here is the U.S. version...

We get the somewhat generic version featuring a weird creature wrecking havoc on the Brits.

Here is the International version...

The International folks get a more "Victor is the monster, not the creature he made" version, which appears more intellectual overall.

I guess they really do know their audience.

This Frankenstein is not the usual bolts-in-the-neck-Herman Munster version we're used to seeing in the past. It's more of a slimy-CGI-alien-meets-The Thing creation.

Plus, it appears Igor (Daniel Radcliff) finds a way to get rid of his hump.

I'll bet Dumbledor had something to do with that.

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