Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jean-Claude-Bonaduce Top


I saw this picture today of Jean-Claude Van Damme at the Cannes Film Festival and read about a mockumentary about "his" life that he's promoting called "J.C.V.D" (for his name). I've read a lot over the past few years about his drug and steriod problems and, like most people in that position, his face is really starting to show that.

His overall change is even more apparent in this interview from Cannes as well....

He used to be this high-energy happy guy and now just seems a bit...sad.

I do feel bad for him and wish that he and many other people could find a way to avoid the steriod-madness that seems to be all around these days. It has really made some people start to look like creatures...almost cartoons of their former selves....like...


Danny Bonaduce...and, the king of all steriod creatures....


Carrot Top.

All three of them even kind of look alike in the face...hair....smiles.

But, honestly....Carrot Top should be the poster child for "Don't do Steroids!".

He should also be the poster child for the movie "Killer Clowns from Outer Space 2".


Sissy said...

Am I wrong, or is he trying to lift the railing with his unit?

I'm just sayin...

Vampire Hours said...

Yeah, I kinda thought that too. He's like "Law and Order: SLU"...Special Lifting Unit.