Thursday, May 29, 2008

Weekend sex


I wanna get me some of this!

I'm really looking forward to the "Sex and the City" movie this weekend. After watching Indiana Jones stroll through his latest adventure last weekend, I'm ready to watch some gals who really know how to work a hat and whip!

Greg over at Out in Hollywood went to a screening and posted his review of the movie. Seems that he really enjoyed it...

It's all here: the clothes, the hair, the brunches, the puns ("I have a Mexi-coma") the frank talk about sex, the Cosmos! I'm glad they waited four years to make the movie because it made me miss these girls and gave me time to get to know them better through the TBS reruns and the DVDs. Kim Cattrall, who is sublime as Samantha, was the holdout on an earlier planned film. She is worth waiting for. Everytime she is on screen, you know you are in for some fun. My favorite line in the entire movie was one she delivers to an unwaxed bikini-clad Miranda: "I could be on death row and have that (wave of the hand to her unkept crotch area) ...situation."

I'm gonna make sure my situation is under control and then make my way to the nearest theater....Cosmo firmly in hand!

How about you?


Lo said...

Saw it over the weekend (even got Ross to go with me!) and thought it was great. Of course my jaw dropped with each new outfit, handbag and pair of shoes that appeared :-) Hope you enjoy!

Vampire Hours said...

That's good to know. I didn't get a chance to see it, but plan to this week at some point. So many movies, so little time.