Monday, May 5, 2008

A super weekend

I saw a couple of good movies this weekend...


"Forgetting Sarah Marshall" is very funny! I was howling at times (which I'm sure everyone around me appreciated) and, for me, that is well worth the ever-rising admission prices these days. It's about a regular guy who gets dumped by his famous girlfriend (she's a sexy detective on one of those "CSI-type" crime shows), so he decides to get away to Hawaii to get his mind off of it. But, guess who's there with her new boyfriend when he gets there? No, not Pinky Tuscadero....his ex.

I bet you never expected that, did you?

Even if you did, it's still chock-a-block full of hilarity and fun, so add it to your list of public outings.


I also saw "Iron Man", which for some reason, I keep telling people I saw "The Rocketeer" or "Iron Giant". Similar titles, but very different movies. If you're an action movie fan, then you'll definitely want to see this movie on a big screen. The story is good, Robert Downey Jr. does a great job and the effects and action sequences are top notch. Plus, it was nice to see Jeff Bridges in a's been a while.


I saw it at the Arclight theater in Hollywood, where they featured one of the "Iron Man" costumes in the lobby. It was pretty cool up close and I, along with the rest of the Hollywood riff-raff hanging out, were taking cell-phone pics as soon as we saw it (I wish I had remembered to bring my regular camera...cell pics just don't turn out as good).

Being a comic book fan, it's always exciting to see a well-produced and acted superhero movie. So often, they turn out to be cheesy messes ("Fantastic Four" or "Catwoman", anyone?) or just a CGI showcase (Something the last "Hulk" movie and, from the trailers, the upcoming "Hulk" movie appear to share). But, every once in a while, they get it right (the latest "Batman" film, the "X-Men" movies).


Debra Winger as "Wonder Girl"...a successful career (and likely new agent) soon follows.

Production values and effects have advanced so far now, that they can almost do anything. How times have changed. I used to watch all the superhero TV shows when I was a kid..."Batman", "Wonder Woman", "Isis", "Shazam", "The Flash"...even "Electra Woman and Dyna Girl". When you look at them now, they are so much cheesier than you remember, but still fun to watch for a quick stroll down memory lane. At the time, those shows were IT...they were hip/cool and worth scarfing down two bowls of Quisp in front of.

Then I remembered a 70's TV special called "Legend of the Superheroes", a primetime special with several of the popular TV heroes of that time, including Burt Ward and Adam West as Batman and Robin and one of the only live-action inclusions of the one comic book I actually collected...Green Lantern. Looking at it now, it feels like a completely different show and planet. I don't remember it having a laugh was a variety show-type comedy and featured Ed McMahon? Well, if you watch this'll see what I mean.

Any show that features Ruth Buzzi making an entrance carried in by two body builders in speedos and superheroes collecting a much-needed paycheck, really is must-see TV!


gonoles84 said...

Okay....I do NOT remember these shows. Based on when they aired, I must have been high as a kite in my junior year of high school. Fun to see Adam West and Burt Ward....Green Lantern and Hawkman were HOT! Where the hell did they get the guy that played the Flash?? Lame-o. Was that the guy that played Capt Marvel in "Shazam!"?

You dig up the most awesome stuff, Mr. Martino.

Vampire Hours said...

I don't think it was the same guy who played "Shazam!", but am not sure. The show was just so cheesy, but with Ruth's automatically a classic.

Unknown said...

You are a genius to find this mess of a tv special. and people say tv is gay NOW? what was that? i'm kerry O'Malley's friend and looking forward to meeting you.