Friday, May 2, 2008

Leave the light on for me


I just read this article from USA Today about the Motel 6 chain...

More chic than cheap. That might be the new motto of Motel 6, which aims to redefine what it means to stay in an inexpensive roadside motel. Think flat-screen TVs, granite bathroom countertops and other amenities not commonly associated with budget chains.

Motel 6's first major makeover in a dozen years is not designed to alter its basic appeal — or price. The chain has grown over 45 years by promising highway travelers a clean room, free morning coffee and HBO at a low rate. Despite looking more upscale, Motel 6 will continue its low-rate strategy; cost of an average room last year was $45.26.

After looking into traveling by trailer and thinking about all the variables that would go into that (plus the price to buy one), I also wanted to look into how much it might cost to just stay in budget hotels. I'd rather not drag my shower and toilet behind me for a year, so if I was able to stay in budget hotels, they would already be there for me in each room and someone else would have to clean them.

That sound so much nicer...

I'm going to look into what it would take for me to get some kind of possible sponsorship of a hotel chain corportaion like Accor. They own several worldwide hotel chains from budget to extravagant. They also have Motel 6 locations in every state, which would work out perfectly for me.

If I can offer them something of worth in exchange, perhaps I can get them to comp me a room in each city (perhaps writing articles for them about each hotel, giving feedback on each location, doing "mystery shopping" reports on customer service in each hotel, etc). There is bound to be something of value I could do to make them waive $46/day.

Minds out of the gutter people....

I already thougth of that anyway.

Lots of options....

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