Friday, August 8, 2008

Heel clicking

The daily news in this country can really be a downer...

These are the current headlines on the homepage of

Edwards admits to extramarital affair
Mexican cartels grow pot in U.S. national forests
Ticker: Antichrist Obama in McCain ad?
CNNMoney: Stocks end the week with a bang
Russian, Georgian troops in fierce fighting Georgians 'anxious' about war
Afghan 'surge' may not be enough, general says
China's president declares Olympics open
Detroit mayor faces new felony charges
Mom lied about missing tot's call, cops say
Dead girl, 5, left last message for family
Zakaria: Raw power and self-interest in Pakistan
Glenn Beck : Drive naked, save America
Wedding-day disasters didn't stop 'I dos'
Ghostly image caught on security cam
CNN Wire: Russia takes fight to Tbilisi

It's a wonder people are able to get out of bed each morning and go about their day with any kind of hope.

I know that times have changed. The world has changed. Views have changed. Yearning for a simpler time may not be realistic to some, but I have to wonder if, overall, people felt more optimistic and positive many years ago.

I saw this comedy clip on the "Alternate ending to the Wizard of Oz" and, as funny as it is, it's probably exactly how a modern day Dorothy would react within that classic film.

Our beloved Dorothy with the mouth of a truck driver.

Welcome to 2008!

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