Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A plunging neckline

Should one wear open-toed shoes with this look?

Michael Phelps, "he-who-must-win-medals", is on the cover of the new Sports Illustrated magazine that is about to hit newsstands soon. It is a take on the infamous Mark Spitz photo from 1972.

Both men are certainly top-notch athletes and should be very proud of their amazing accomplishments. It's one thing to dream of being in the Olympics (I wanted to be an Olympic gymnast, but lacked the skill, dedication and limited TV watching that was required), but it is an entirely different thing to actually train hard enough to eventually realise that dream.

As nice as Phelps' J-Lo-inspired look from SI is above...I think I prefer this Time magazine cover shot better.

All that red in the SI shot makes him look, although bejeweled to the tits, a bit too Skreech from "Saved by the Bell" to me.


Brad said...

You can tell Mark won in the 70's. Just check out the gold chains!

And in 'o8 we have red ribbons? Hmmm.

Vampire Hours said...

I know...Michael was in a gang or a rap band, those 70's chains would be so much more street cred than his beauty pageant sash ribbons.

Vampire Hours said...

I meant to type "if" Michael was in a gang...

I doubt he is, but if he were...he could probably bitch slap others with his "superior" arm-reach at record-breaking speeds.