Thursday, August 28, 2008

Things to do

As you may have already heard, Dave Freeman, the author of 100 Things To Do Before You Die, died this week from an accidental fall in his home at the age of 47. It is, yet, another example of the fact that you'll generally get no warning when your time is done here on this planet.

So, as we've all heard a million times in the past, it's best to live the kind of life you want now, rather than pinning all of your hopes, dreams and desires for a "one of these days" future time ("I'll try to do it tomorrow...", "Maybe I can find time next month", "Hopefully next year..", "Definitely when I retire...", etc) that you may not actually end up being around to see.

JoeMyGod blog posted an open thread for comments from people about what they would like to do before they die. I always find the responses to these kinds of questions fascinating. Some people want to acquire more material things, others want to find love, many want to travel and others want to ease emotional burdens, whether it is their own...or someone elses.

There was one comment, in particular, that stood out to me...

I would like to awaken and free the soul of a person who is dead inside...

I love the thought, kindness and hope that this person's statement evokes.

I pray, for each of their hearts and souls, that he is successful.

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