Thursday, August 7, 2008

Matt Locke

Did anyone watch the "Design Star" finale on Sunday?

As you know, I enjoy watching this series each year when it's on. The past two seasons, I was really rooting for the person who actually won. This year, I felt that the best candidate, all around, was Trish and she was the last to be eliminated before the final two were chosen.


It's not to say that the final two, Matt and Jennifer, were not talented....they were. But, Trish had a natural hosting ability and could design, where Matt and Jennifer had somewhat passable hosting abilities and each was strong as a designer.

I won't ruin the finale for anyone, in case you still have it sitting on your DVR right now. But, if you did watch the finale, AfterElton has a really good interview with Matt Locke. He talks about the competition, his renewed bond with his family, what happened to the missing Mickey V during the finale, and his current relationship.

Very insightful.

Regardless of who won, both of the final contestants were nice people and, to me, that is important and offers a ray of hope during these times of nasty reality shows and awful people whoring themselves out for 15 minutes of fame, regardless of the chaos and pain they cause the people around them.

In my soul, I always want good people to triumph over bad.

I know it may not be realistic or the way the world is today...but I still hold hope for it every day.

Is that so wrong?

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