Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Money changes everything

I'd like to be the additional card member on all of her accounts...

TV Guide is about to release their annual star salary survey and, topping the list again is Ms. Oprah Winfrey making a paltry $385 million dollars a year.

And, I believe, that is just the money she makes on TV-related properties.

I just got the vapors.

I've always dreamed that someone that wealthy would just give me a million dollars, just as an experiment, to see what I might do with it. I mean, would Oprah really notice only making $384 million one year?

I think not....

Here are a few of the runners up on the list...

Simon Cowell (Mr. American Idol) makes $50 million.

David Letterman makes $32 million.

And as far as the highest paid comedy star (although I would argue that "comedy star" might be a slightly exaggerated term to describe him) is Charlie Sheen. He makes $825,000 per episode of "Two and a Half Men".

I'd be happy with just collecting the salary of the "Half Men".

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