Friday, April 3, 2009

And in the end....

So long, ER...

The series finale of "ER" aired last night and, I have to say, I think they did a great job wrapping it all up. After 15 years, it ended pretty much as it began...a quality show about life and the people who work in the emergency room.

It was fun to see so many of the original cast members return too. Dr. Corday (Alex Kingston) was always one of my favorites on the show, as well as Kerry Weaver, Susan Lewis and even cranky Dr. Benton.

For a person who has a hard time even staying conscious at the doctor's office, I'm surprised that this show was able to keep me watching throughout its run. As the series progressed, it seemed that the blood and gore factor inched a bit higher each season (look out for that helicopter blade!) and last night's birthing scenes were no exception....

But, I contorted and groaned my way through like I always did.

All gore aside (not Al Gore), what kept me watching was the cast and all the great guest-stars. Ernest Borgnine's storyline was very touching as well as the one about the guy who had AIDS/cancer.

ER always seemed to do a great job dealing realistically with patients (take a lesson "Grey's Anatomy"!) and the emotional aftermath experienced by the various people and doctors who passed across the screen each week.

It's probably the only hospital that I wouldn't mind paying a visit too again sometime in the future.

Until then...congrats to a very successful 15 year run!

If you missed the show last night, they are showing it again tomorrow night at 8:00.

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