Thursday, April 16, 2009

Scaling Mount Everett

Surgery or Photoshop?

Star Magazine printed an article discussing Rupert Everett's new "look":

"According to Dr. Brian S. Glatt, founder of the Premier Plastic Surgery Center of New Jersey, Rupert, 49, has had a comprehensive series of facial procedures. 'I think Rupert had a face-lift,' Dr. Glatt tells Star. 'His cheeks are fuller and lifted, and his jawline and neck are pulled back and smoother.' As for his forehead, Dr. Glatt says it’s simply Botox. 'I think he’s definitely using it. He is very animated, and there are no lines visible on his forehead.' The last element in Rupert’s new look, says Dr. Glatt, is a chin implant! 'The shape and projection of the chin is drastically different. It’s much more pointed,' he says."

If he really does look like this now, it's quite a difference.

Of course, it could just be a new diet, lots of photoshop and a smile on his normally cranky face. So, I'm sure we're bound to hear more about it soon if any of it's true.

Until then, he could always stand in for Kyle McLaughlin on "Desperate Housewives" if he ever calls in sick or just needs a day off.

Then, he and Marcia Cross can sit down and compare notes on how to express emotion without having to actually move your forehead.

via Towleroad.

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