Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Slings and Arrows

I do enjoy me some Bobby Cannavale.

I watched his new TV show, Cupid, last night and it's, well...did I mention how much I like Bobby Cannavale?

He's very charming (as he was playing Will's boyfriend on "Will and Grace") and the show has some nice romantic moments. However, it doesn't seem to have that special "magic" to hook a lovelorn audience for very long. His character is supposed to match 100 couples on Earth before he can return to his home on Mount Olympus.

If he connected one couple a week, that means the series would last, in theory, about four to five years.

Unfortunately, with the so-so writing and bland supporting characters, plus being up against that little "American Idol" show...

I have a feeling that Cupid may not be so lucky in love.


Brad said...

That's too bad - he's a good actor and I bet could carry his own show if it had good writing. I keep thinking the same for poor Megan Mullally and her latest- another good actor foiled by bad writing.

Don't think for a minute I don't notice that Bobby looks somewhat simular to a certian gentleman who's name starts with 'O'.

Vampire Hours said...

Yeah, it is a shame. He's been so good in other projects (good projects) and is very likeable. Same with Megan...I'm gonna give "In the Motherhood" a few more episodes and see if it gets any better.

As far as Bobby and "O" looking similar...I don't see it.

Although they are both very attractive. =)