Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Better Off Ted

If you don't already watch "Better Off Ted" on Tuesday nights...you really should. It's a very snarky, quick-witted comedy that is full of inappropriate remarks and conversations in the workplace. Portia De Rossi is hilarious...one of the main reasons I watch it each week.

Here is a clip of outtakes from an episode that airs tonight where employees are accidently encouraged to swear at the each other during work. If nothing else, you will likely learn a couple of new colorful metaphors to use in everyday conversation with friends and family (the swearing is NOT bleeped out).

I enjoy the term "Man-Mattress" and "Sweaty thong in a hooker's money crack"...and a couple others that I'm not comfortable enough to retype here.


Brad said...

Alrighty then, off to find the TV guide to see when this show's on.

You C*%$ T%$#*# seeking man#!*#@&%$.

(Typed with love)


Word Veri on this comment was: vagoeve (?) and I don't want to know.

Vampire Hours said...

LOL! Yeah...set your DVR for the series. It's very funny!