Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Lost Supper

The final season of "Lost" starts airing on February 2nd and, as you can see by the image above, the publicity machine is in full swing.

I know that many people lost interest in "Lost" as the seasons started to become more and more confusing and, to be honest, if you missed a few episodes here and there...I can understand why. I have followed the show from the beginning and, even after watching every episode, I sometimes was left with a big "Huh?" afterwards.

But...I still really enjoy it and appreciate the creative way they have woven this oddly structured show over the year. I am looking forward to seeing how it all comes to an end (or beginning, if it turns out that they manage to prevent the plane from crashing in the first place) and hope that, in some way, there will be some kind of satisfying result.

Time will tell...

Until then, if you would like a very entertaining recap of all five seasons (the voice-over is very funny at times) to get up to speed...enjoy this:

"Mr. Friendly throws like a girl."



Roland said...

Cheaters. They stole that idea from BSG The Last Supper promo. Not that it's such an original idea to switch the apostles with alternate diners, (Isn't there one with dogs?) but come on. Battlestar just ended last year.

If Lost doesn't answer every single question it has generated over the last 5 torturous years, someone is going to pay.

Sissy said...

"Throws like a girl?" Did you see those man boobs...I thought he WAS a girl!

Vampire Hours said...

LOL! Mr. Friendly definitely had some moobs. So, the comment was especially perfect and hilarious!

As far as the Last Supper usage...I'm sure the dog image is on walls all over the midwest.