Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Labadee, Haiti

I woke up on Tuesday morning to this view outside of my balcony...

Not a bad way to start the day, I must say.

Royal Caribbean owns the private island of Labadee, so that was our first stop on the Atlantis cruise. Evidently there was some controversy about our ship docking there so close to the earthquake disaster (which was on the Southern part of the island).

However, the cruise patrons alone raised over $100,000 for the earthquake relief hopefully that helped calm down the disgruntled who think it was insensitive for us to make our scheduled stop on the island.

And, considering that Haiti is not known to be a very gay-friendly destination, I think it sends a positive message to their country that, regardless of your beliefs, people are people when it comes to helping.

Labadee is one of those beautiful self-contained islands with crystal clear water and white sandy beaches that you see in travel brochures all the time. The weather was gorgeous and everyone pretty much got off the boat and walked around, headed to the beach or did excursions for most of the day.

Since Roland and I were on pretty strict budgets, pricey adrenaline-boosting adventures were gonna be rare. We figured we could probably only afford this discount excursion where they just give you an old tattered row boat and tell you to paddle out to a stick in the water and then come back.

We decided to pass on it and save our money for bingo instead.

I spent most of my time taking photos and exploring, then headed back to the boat. My vampireish white skin can only take so much direct sunlight before I turn to dust (which is never pleasant). But, it was very relaxing to just wander around amongst the swaying palm trees and enjoy the lovely scenery all around.

Good times.

Tomorrow I'll be focusing on the location that motivated me not to get off the ship, the death that occured during the cruise, and photos of some of the many creative costumes that the kids somehow managed to pack and wear for the various theme parties throughout the cruise.

Some of them didn't involve much all.


Roland said...

Something's wrong with your camera. That stuff didn't look so good when we were there.

Vampire Hours said...

You were looking at it from the room. It was much nicer once you got off the ship. =)