Friday, February 12, 2010

The Color Purple

I just saw the new production of this last night here in LA at the Pantages Theater and, I have to tell ya''s a really great show and Fantasia did an amazing job.

She plays the Whoopie Goldberg part (Miss Celie) from the movie, so she doesn't look at all like the image on the poster, above. She looks more like this...

Well, the fancy pants come later in the story...but you get the picture.

If you get the chance to see her in this show while she's in LA (or if this production comes to your town), definitely go.

You won't be disappointed.


eric said...

Hey Ken, I saw this when it opened in NY and it was a stinker. The score is lacking in emotion and the script was all loosey goosey. I usually come out of the theater humming a song or two, but how many time "can I push the button"!

Yuck! But happy you like it.


Vampire Hours said...

Really? It's so interesting that some people can have a completely different experience. I loved the score and found the show very did most of the people weeping around me.

But, that is the fun of's a new experience for each person.

Plus, the woman that played Miss Sophie (the Oprah role) was HILARIOUS.