Monday, February 1, 2010

Bleached Blanket Bingo

The final big dance party on the ship was the White Party where everyone, as you might have guessed, was encouraged to dress in...white.

The Atlantis team really goes all out for these parties. They even have special lighting and audio teams that come onboard just to create specific moods and sound for each event. They really do a great job.

And, of course, the kids had their costumes pressed and ready to go.

In the rush to get ready, it appears that one of these fellows forgot to put on his underwear...

While some people only wore underwear, so that makes packing a breeze.

Like our friend Matthew and his glowing...personality.

Sports themes seemed to be popular too. But, how do you pack a football helmet and still have room for a vodka bottle in your luggage?

Roland had a pow-wow with a couple of pale-faces.

And, with that many guys onboard, there was certainly no shortage of

Lola Falana found some feathers and a hat for the occasion.

And her background singers/dancers did their best to upstage her.

Lady Gaga even stopped by with her po-po-po poker face.

Cheech and Chong stepped up their wardrobe a bit too.

There were cowboys...

An ice queen...

A prom queen.

The Gabor sisters.

It twirled up!

Although I'm not certain who took the last piece of pie at the buffet, I'm pretty sure it was probably one of these Mrs. Whites, with a knife, in the observatory.

Or these little devils.

Overall, a good time was certainly had by all.

It was probably the only time any of these guys on the ship wore white after Labor Day.


Boston Mark said...

Do I see non-White shorts on you at the WHITE PARTY!!!??? Bad queen!!

Vampire Hours said...

It was white shorts or toothpaste in my luggage. I chose the latter for everyone's own good.