Monday, February 15, 2010

That's how Sue sees it

I'm going to start watching "Glee" as soon as the new episodes start airing on April 13th. For those of you who already follow the show, here are some of the best clips of coach Sue Sylvester in all her glory.

"Santana, wheels, gay kid, Asian, other Asian, Aretha and Shaft."

And that was Sue being politically correct during a roll-call.

Jane Lynch is hilarious.

How did I miss this show?

Update: FOX has removed all copies of the "Best of Sue Sylvester" video I had to replace the video with a more general "about Sue" promo. I will never understand why a studio makes a point of removing fan-created homages to their shows in the interest of "controlling" their brand. If a fan video is supportive and helps spread the word about their's a win/win for everyone. Some of the studios really need to change with the times and embrace fan support. It can only help increase awareness of their shows. Ass-hats.


Brad said...

I thought for sure the CBS would have offered her a lead/her own show after her stint on 2 & 1/2 Men - I'm sure she could carry it. I wonder if they did and she picked Glee instead? I'm thinking it was a smart move if it were so. As a comedic actress I think she's really someone to watch for, she's got a great delivery.

Vampire Hours said...

I agree. She's always funny (and was great in "Julie and Julia") and perhaps the "Glee" role was a lot more fun for her.

She never disappoints.

Funny...the "word verification" for me below is "sweardip". Sounds like a snack you'd serve with chips to truckers or sailors. said...

Thank you. I have it on my calendar. I had not seen it either.

ee said...

Ken please do not tell me you did not watch any of GLEE last season. If this is true, I can no longer consider you my uber-telephile. Say it aint true, say it aint true!

Vampire Hours said...

Ok ee, I won't tell you. =)

Actually, I have seen random clips and scenes over the past year, so technically...I can still retain at least a portion of my uber-telephile status.

A title which I hold near and dear, as you can imagine.