Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lady Coo Coo

It seems that a UK farmer finds Lady Gaga a bit scary, so he has decided to put that to good use...

Nigel Britten, who is the assistant manager at Whelan Farm, near Warlingham, Surrey, was getting fed up with pigeons munching on his wheat crops and had racked his brains to think of a way to save his livelihood. Then inspiration came to him and his fiancee as they watched Lady Gaga arrive at last Tuesday night's Brit Awards. Mr Britten, 27, said: 'We were laughing at Lady GaGa's outfit and that extraordinary wig and talking about how scary she looked.

"My fiancee Marti joked that I should make a scarecrow which looked like her. I laughed and then it occurred to me it was actually a very good idea...And Mr Britten said that so far, the 7ft tall Lady GaGa scarecrow, complete with shocking white wig made from cotton wool and dress, is keeping birds off his wheat crops which are used to grow Hovis bread. And he said that he thinks the effective design should grace many more fields across the UK."

Here is the dress that gave him the inspiration...

I think it would be much more effective if he also installed sound and had the scarecrow say "Rah, Rah, ah ah ah!" every few minutes.

But, that's just me.

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