Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Phone home

It's lunch-lady Gaga.

Photos have recently begun to surface from the new video shoot for Lady Gaga's "Telephone" song with Beyonce. Judging by these pics, it looks like it's gonna be another very technicolor-Gaga extravaganza.

Lady Gaga also joined Beyonce on her last album and video for the song "Videophone" that came out a couple months ago.

As much as I enjoy each of them, I really didn't care for that song or video. I really think that Lady Gaga has the better song and, I'm guessing, a much more enjoyable video. If you haven't seen Beyonce's video, here it is...

Let's hope that Gaga's upcoming "Telephone" video involves more than each of the gals prancing around in left-over Halloween costumes in a generic studio together.

Oh...and here's a pic of Ms. Gaga at the Brit Awards today...

I guess you can have your cake and wear it too.

Here is her performance that night (she won three awards)...

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