Friday, April 19, 2013

Blues Traveler

 photo 6fb7af7d-283a-4e9e-a8d3-9023b25a8e90_zpsf9b6671e.jpg

The first photos of Jamie Foxx playing Electro from the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man sequel, currently filming, hit the Internets this week...

 photo 1f42c241-a9f8-47bc-9d69-129887173e9f_zps54e43d3e.jpg

 photo d63d3725-3380-4363-b019-ab9fce25a3f2_zps36f35041.jpg

I don't know anything about the character, but the facial varicose veins should probably be looked at by a professional.

There must be an emollient on the market that could fix those right up.

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