Friday, April 12, 2013

Super Summer

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Entertainment Weekly is featuring the upcoming Man of Steel movie on it's upcoming "Summer Movie Preview" issue and has featured a variety of new photos.

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First good look at the villain, Zod.

He looks just a "little" bit more intimidating than the original Zod and his pleather v-neck pantsuit (although that is kind of scary in its own way).

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His earth parents, the Kents.

It also appears that Diane Lane is still popular with the kids these days, judging by some of the comments I've seen on SuperheroHype...

Triad petah − Diane Lane has always been a hottie IMO. She and Josh Brolin have recently separated too, so she's available!

I thought this fan's response to that was hilarious...

Buck Triad − And I'm sure she's looking for someone who posts on Superhero hype to live out all her depraved fantasies with (don't worry, I tell myself that too).

At least the kids give each other a reality check sometimes.

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Russell Crowe as his Kryptonian father, Jor-El.

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Laurence Fishburn and Amy Adams as Perry White and Lois Lane.

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Zod's female partner in crime.

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Here is the cool trailer, if you haven't already seen it (I love the haunting music!)...

Also, there is great debate amongst the Super-fans about the changes in Superman's costume (no red undies and slightly different shades of red and blue).

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It's very similar to all the hoopla surrounding the changes that were made to Wonder Woman's costume when the failed TV pilot was shot.

One fan was so bothered by the changes that he created this to show what needed to be done to make things right...

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Who says that people who still live with their parents don't have a sense of humor?

Not me.

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Man of Steel comes out June 14th.

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