Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I Khan't Wait!

 photo f974fda7-c0f7-4c9d-817d-89a5bfc7b938_zpsda615b83.jpg

A new Star Trek Into Darkness trailer was released today and, like the others, it just makes the movie look even better than the previous teaser trailers did.

If this is anywhere near as good as the previous Star Trek movie, I'm going to be very pleased.


 photo 062b092d-d83c-42db-a4fa-5952594e1897_zps02cac435.jpg

Also, a new series of character posters were released this week as well.

 photo d5c5028d-bdcf-4970-8fac-c24249febb39_zpsbcccadca.jpg

 photo bc1d2a2d-dced-47f0-ac7c-8d0a869f7629_zpsba320f99.jpg

 photo b7c5f2b6-80c1-454a-911a-a84bf2ceeed2_zpseb4b3c05.jpg

AND...the Star Trek issue of Empire Magazine is about to hit newsstands soon.

 photo afe17820-ac44-4ad2-b01e-bca1a137c71a_zps35bd7efc.jpg

I am so excited that I think I just threw up a little bit...in the back of my pants.

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